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Zine Brain Storm! > Be inclusive and positive,not angry and attacking

I have just found Any-Body and am SO very much excited and hopeful that this will be amazing.
I think the main thing is that the tone of the Zine isnt "angry" or "mean". (if the zine has rants about how disgusting skinny girls are, its not really going to entice someone who may have a problem to read it, or feel any better!) It should be positive. Lets seek out designers/company's that are being proactive and supportive.(there have to be some!)
I think the format should be presented like a street mag in the sense that the content includes art/fashion/photography/political opinion/ events? It needs to be fun, clever and diverse to appeal to as many as possible.
I am a textile designer and my partner is a graphic designer, so I will put forward through some design ideas soon.
stay tuned!
March 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLisa