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Take control of women's media - submit to our Zine 

We want to start a zine for women that is an engaging alternative read to all the 'women's magazines' that are around. The zine would be the anthesis to what has become standard magazine content; with their kiss-and-tell articles, fad-diets, super-mums, 'super' celebrities, plastic surgery specials and other mind numbing, mind-destroying content. 

When these so called 'women's issues' are endorsed not only by magazines, but by all advertising, television, and media vechiles the time is ripe for a subversive publication, one which recognises women's minds, not just their bodies, and empowers, rather than disempowers women. We want there to be a viable alternative, which is not in place simply to feed off incecurities and sell miracle-creams.

But these are just thoughts at the moment - we need your help in brainstorming the look and feel of our zine.  We don't want it to be preachy or self help, we don't want it to be intellectually alienating and printed on brown card.  It needs to be attractive, and genuinely appealing.

So this is your area to submit ideas for content or even the title. Please post written works, layout ideas or graphic/art pieces.  (Or for big files you can use our 'submissions' section.) Due credit and copies will go to all who submit!

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